Anu Lop School

Anu Lop

Thailand_LopburiAnu Lop School is a government school in Lopburi, Thailand. The school has approximately 2150 students and 100 teachers including 13 foreign teachers (native English, Filipino and Chinese). Most classes have around 30 students and the native English teachers at this school can expect to teach approximately 17 hours per week. The age range of the students at this school is between 3 and 11 years old.

Teachers at Anu Lop will sign in by 7:45am and can sign out at 5:30pm – it is a long day for teachers, but teaching hours are considerably less than most of our schools. Non-teaching hours may be spent preparing for other classes and grading assignments. Occasionally teachers may be asked to participate in special school events like Sports Day, Parent/Teacher Conferences, English Camps, etc.

Generally, teachers really enjoy living in this area. There are plenty of foreigners in Lopburi to hang out with, but also many interesting Thai attractions to explore. The Bat Caves and Monkey Temple are very close and Ayutthaya is only about an hour bus ride away. Teachers interested in exploring Bangkok can get there by bus in about two hours, and for longer vacations it’s easy to catch the train to Chiang Mai or to travel 5-6 hrs to the nearest popular island (Koh Samet).

Some teachers have found it useful to rent a moped to get around while others seem content walking around town. We do suggest you either get a bicycle or moped while at this school as accommodation is normally at least a 20 minute walk away, and in the Thailand sun, the walk can be scorching! Mopeds can be around 2000-3000 THB per month.

The teaching at this school is always on the English Program, which has it’s own dedicated building. Although this is a government school, the English Program is a private element of the school and as such children are expected to be more studious than their counterparts – which is not always the case! Our teachers at this school not only teach English as a general subject, but other subjects as well. The eight native English teachers we provide to this school currently teach English, Maths, Sports Science, Health Education, Computing, Kindergarten and an after school conversation class (hence the late finish each day). Not all teachers teach all subjects though – so don’t worry!


Lopburi is famous for being populated with hundreds of crab-eating macaques, or monkeys – it’s very common to travel around town and see monkeys on electricity wires or crossing the road. Generally they are safe, except they do like to steal things, so you have to keep your wits about you, especially when food is involved!

It’s monkeys all around, with some in the classroom! It’s always fun and games.” —Teacher Faye.

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