1 Day Induction and Job

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If you already have teaching experience of at least 3 months and/or a TEFL certificate, then you can apply to work with us as a teacher of English (TEFL). We have many schools seeking teachers at the start of the school terms, and sometimes mid year.

We are holding a 3 Day TEFL + Induction in May 2016, which runs from Tuesday 3rd May until Friday 6th May 2016. The first 3 days will be TEFL training, but the last day will be an induction into Thailand and working with Echo English.

If you do not want to do the TEFL training, you can just come to our induction and we will give you a teaching job. Before you arrive in Thailand however, you can know whether you have a job with us or not by having a Skype interview. If you pass our interview, we will secure you a position teaching English in Thailand.

When Do I Get an Exact School Confirmed?

Once you have been interviewed by us, you will receive a booking form. When you send that booking form back to us via email, we then guarantee you a job in Thailand with us or one of our partner agencies. Although we can assure you of a guaranteed job with us very early on, it might take longer for us to give you an exact school because of the way the TEFL industry works.

There is a high turnover of teachers in the TEFL industry, in most countries, because TEFL is seen as a transient job – i.e. it’s your ticket to travel and get paid at the same time, but it’s not what most people want to do for the rest of their lives. Some teachers do work for the longer term, but most teachers want to just experience it before they decide to go back to their home country and start a career, meaning we have to recruit quite often.

Most of our current teachers don’t decide whether they will renew their contracts until 1 month before the end of term. This means that as a recruitment company, we are not normally able to confirm placement areas with new teachers until that time.

All those who book our Induction + Job Program will be offered jobs at our induction. Those who book our 3 Day TEFL + Job Program will likely be offered positions before they arrive due to the monetary assurance they give us that they are coming.

School Term Dates Thailand and Resignation Dates for Teachers

Term Resignation Cut Off
Mid May – Late September Late August
Late October – Late February/ Mid March Late January
*Exact dates depend on the school.

Contract Length

The contract length with Echo English is normally 1 school term, so around 4 or 5 months. If you start mid term, normally you will sign until the end of that term, making the contract even shorter than 4 months – but it does depend on the school. Some schools want year long contracts, for example, but most of our schools are fine with shorter contracts.

Salary and Taxes

All of our native English teachers get paid 30,000 THB per month gross salary, with our Filipino English teachers getting paid 15,000 THB gross. We are required by law to pay 3% income tax on behalf of you every month, meaning the net figure you receive each month is 29,100 THB or 14, 550 THB respectively.

The reason for the difference in salary is solely due to Thai schools seeing native English speakers as more valuable than non natives because they want their students to imitate the Western accent. Some schools accept Filipino because they have a clear accent, almost American sounding, but most are not willing to pay the same salaries to Filipinos as native English speakers.

*Please note only some of our schools accept Filipino English (TEFL) teachers.

What Types of Schools Do You Have?

We have a dedicated corner of our website that showcases some of our school profiles. We haven’t listed all the schools we work with, but by having a look you can get an idea of the kind of schools you might be teaching in.

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Requirements and Eligibility

In order to be accepted for the Induction + Guaranteed Job Program, you need to:

  • Hold a Bachelors degree in any subject
  • Be a native English speaker OR Filipino who is fluent in English
  • Hold a TEFL certificate OR have teaching experience in any subject of at least 3 months
  • Be enthusiastic and enjoy working with children
*You will also need a police check that shows you do not have a criminal record of any kind. You do not need to apply for this before the application process.
**Please note that if you are a Filipino English (TEFL) teacher, or a South African national, you will also need a TOEIC test score above 750. The TOEIC test can be applied for later and you do not need this for the application process.
Native English Speakers are people who have a passport from these countries:
  • United Kingdom
  • Republic of Ireland
  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa (with a TOEIC test! Sorry!)

Application Process and How to Apply

  1. Read through this page and understand the program
  2. Submit your CV, a smiley picture of yourself (jpg) and a covering letter
  3. Send these 3 documents via email to echoteam@echo-english.com with the subject line “MAY 2016 INDUCTION+JOB”.
  4. Successful applicants at this stage will receive a reply with a Skype interview date and time
  5. The Skype interview will take about 15-20 minutes and will be based around questions of why you want to teach in Thailand, and your previous work experience
  6. If successful, we will send you a booking form
  7. If you decide to book, send the booking form back to us via email
  8. Once booked, we will send you more details of when to arrive at the induction, and what other things you need to prepare in terms of visas, documents for the work permit, etc.