Lopburi School is a government Kindergarten and Primary school located approximately 3 hours north of Bangkok, making the city easily accessible on the weekend. The town itself has a good teacher population, with a total of 8 from Echo English working within the same school, and other teachers in the surrounding area. Lopburi is also known for its monkey population – it’s common to spot them in and around town!

The teachers here work within a Mini English Program (MEP) which means that a range of subjects will be taught in English including Maths, Science, Physical Education and Health, for example. All teachers are assigned subjects to teach prior to the start of term, and this is not necessarily dependent on a teacher’s background or experience. The school supplies a curriculum and textbooks for each of the subjects and there is also an hour of English conversational classes at the end of each day for all teachers.

The school day begins at 7.45AM and lasts until 4.30PM. The age range at this school falls between 4 - 12 years of age and the average amount of teaching hours scheduled per week ranges from around 16-20, with the maximum being 24 hours per week.