Kamphaeng PhetPran school is a government school located in Kamphaeng Phet province around 45 minutes from the city of Kamphaeng Phet itself. It is around a 6 hour bus journey from Bangkok, however there are airports about an hour from Kamphaeng Phet in Nakhon Sawan and Phitsanulok that fly to Bangkok in under an hour. As Kamphaeng Phet is situated about halfway between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, it is also possible to fly to Chiang Mai in less than an hour. There is still plenty to do in the surrounding area, with the Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park a must visit. There are also several national parks in the area as well as the Khlong Lan Waterfalls.

Pran school is a mathayom school so students are between the ages of 11 and 18 with around 1500 students in total. The average class size is around 30 students with a focus on teaching conversation, reading and writing. There is no set curriculum to follow, so you will have to plan the topics and lessons you wish to teach. There are computers and wifi at the school for you to print out materials to use, and there are computers and projectors in the classrooms.

You will be expected to sign in before 8am each morning and the school day then runs from 8.30am-3.30pm. Assembly takes place between 8-8.30 and you will be expected to attend the assembly each morning. Lessons then begin at 8.40am and you will have approximately 20 hours of teaching per week.

The suggested accommodation is located in the center of the town around 3km from the school however you will be able to rent a scooter from the school in order to get to the school and get around town. The accommodation is around 4000 THB per month including bills. It is fully furnished with air conditioning, fan, TV and fridge. There are lots of places to eat around town and a Tesco Lotus and 7/11 nearby as well.