Chainat School is a Kindergarten and Primary school catering to ages 4-12 years. The town is around a 3–4 hour bus ride away from Bangkok, making it one of our more centrally located schools.

The school is located within the heart of Chainat town itself, with the bus station and local market a 10 minute walk away. Thailand’s Chao Phraya River valley also runs through Chainat and is accessible to teachers living here. The river sits very close to the town, on the outskirts, and in the evening you will find a few people running along the river or taking a stroll along its banks.

There are number of foreign teachers working at this school, as well as at neighboring schools within the town, making it easy for teachers to meet other people here. In school, teachers are generally assigned Kindergarten classes, exclusively, or are working with Primary level students (6-12 years). The school runs an MEP (Mini English Program) so the teachers here also get to instruct across a range of different subjects – typically English, Maths and Science. There are textbooks and resources provided so teachers can use this material to lesson plan effectively for each subject area.

For Kindergarten, teachers have access to audio players and workbooks. There is also an assistant present in each Kindergarten class as well as a good selection of resources available. When not in class, teachers may use the designated staffroom to plan lessons and talk to the other foreign teachers during free periods. There is a computer and printer in the staff room which the teachers can use. The school day lasts from 7.45PM to 3.30PM and lunch is provided. If you did want to eat out at lunch time there are also a couple of cafes a couple of minutes’ walk up the road which serves both Thai and foreign food.