Bang Bon School is located in the Bang Bon district, in south west Bangkok. The school is around 30 minutes from Wongwian Yai BTS. It is also close to Bangbon Halt train station which will take you into the center of Bangkok, and there are also various public buses that run into the center as well. Being in Bangkok means that you can never be bored as there is so much to see and do. However if you were looking to venture further afield, the cities of Lopburi and Ayuttaya, the old capital of Thailand, are close by, as well as two airports that fly to various places around Thailand.

The school itself is a private school with around 300 students ranging from Anuban 1 to Prathom 6. There are approximately 25 students per class and you will have no more than 24 teaching hours per week alongside one other native English speaking teacher and 25 Thai teachers. There is a curriculum provided at the school as well as textbook and workbooks. There are also computers, projectors and wifi for you to utilise, to prepare for your lessons as well.

The school day will begin at 7.30am with assembly taking place at 8am, and finish at 4.30pm. The suggested accommodation is very close to the school and you can expect to pay between 4000-5000 THB/ month including bills. The accommodation comes fully furnished with air conditioning, fan, water heater, TV and wifi. There are several amenities close by including a 7/11 and Big C, as well as a shopping mall which is approximately a 10-15 minute walk away from the accommodation.